Product presentation & exercise

iLA membrane ventilator or Novalung therapy system:

You or a colleague have heard of the innovative possibilities in respiratory therapy with the help of the various Novalung products? You want to introduce one of the possible therapy procedures in your clinic and inform yourself in the team?  Then we suggest a product presentation in which you already perform first exercises. 

Course contents

At the beginning we will present an overview of today’s general ideas of the treatment of lung and respiratory pump failure. Then we discuss the specific application and therapy possibilities of the desired product.

Who should attend

This offer is addressed to a team of interested physicians, respiratory therapists and/or caregivers who are faced with lung function limitations in their daily work and want to use the available options of the iLA membrane ventilator or Novalung therapy systems.

Ideally, you are contacting us as person in charge for your interested clinic team.


Your responsible area manager will share his years of in-depth experience with you and will gladly answer any of your urgent questions.


To ensure that the training can be integrated optimally into your everyday clinical routine, we perform this course in your clinic.


Participation is free of charge.


Please plan for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Course registration

When registering for this course, please inform us which product or products you are interested in. As the course will be performed at your clinic, we will contact you at short notice and arrange an individual appointment.

Here you can register for the course “product presentation & exercise”.