Welcome to the Xenios Academy!

The Xenios Academy provides professional education and training designed and led by our trainers who are either members of our support team or speakers from the clinical staff. Our trainers and consultants have years of clinical experience. All of them are united by one goal: to transfer knowledge in a transparent and practice-oriented way.

Our face-to-face courses cover the basic principle of our therapies and current aspects of their clinical applications. Case reports from the field provide additional insights. In the extensive practical sessions you will learn the routine use of our products. You will have the opportunity to prepare a system yourself and learn how to manage the various settings and deal with problem situations, so that you will be able to operate the system with confidence by the end of the course.

Our portfolio is rounded off by face-to-face events that focus on knowledge sharing with other users and experts.

  • Experts

    Novalung experts course

    Establishment of an in-clinic iLA expert team. We will go over your previous applications of the iLA membrane ventilator or the Novalung therapy system with you and your team and clarify all questions in ...

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  • Beginner

    Novalung clinic workshop

    In your clinic locally, appointment according to agreement. After initial clinical experience with the iLA membrane ventilator or the Novalung therapy system, you would like to establish this therapy method in your clinic.

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  • Beginner

    Product presentation & exercise

    You have heard of the innovative possibilities in respiratory therapy with the help of the various Xenios products? You want to introduce one of the possible therapeutic procedures in your clinic and inform yourself ...

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  • Cannulation Strategies

  • Coagulation Management

  • Troubleshooting During Extracorporeal Gas Exchange