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Training formats

e-learning course

e-learning courses are interactive course units which enable you to take the lead and pursue learning in a self-directed manner. The modules are characterised by the deployment of a range of media (speakers, text, animation, interaction etc.). This has a positive effect on the transfer of information. 


e-tests are catalogues of questions which help you to be able to check or evaluate your current status of knowledge. After completion of a learning unit, such as an e-learning course, e-tests offer an ideal opportunity to consolidate and monitor the knowledge that has been acquired. You will receive a Xenios Campus certificate after successful participation in an e-learning course or webinar with a subsequent e-test.


Webinars/recorded webinars and web casts

Webinars are live presentations on the Internet. You join in online and via a parallel telephone conference and are able to pose questions to the presenter directly via chat or telephone.

Recorded webinars are recordings of live webinars which can subsequently be accessed an unlimited amount of times in the form of a web file.

Web casts are recordings of webinars which are offered as non-interactive e-learning modules and can be accessed at any time.

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